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Data is aquired by an LSL script and sent by HTTP Request to a PHP script which then churns out the .PNG image.

This page is where I have been playing around with the Second Life Map API. I have been scanning the mainland for Linden owned land. With this data I've made an overlay for each region and a big overlay for each mainland continent (not all mainland continents are complete). The reason I did this goes back to the times I toured the mainlands in a speedboat. I needed to guess the presence of Linden waterways and would quite often get bounced by a ban line. Having mapped the Linden owned land I can now plot a course to sail (or drive / fly / walk) safe in the knowledge of no access restrictions (save for regions being too full or offline). These pages are a scribble pad for my work and not a polished finished item, any comments, suggestions or requests please point them nand Nerd's way in-world.

For an overall view of the continents check out the following links:

A long list of all the regions. Select one and hit Go! to have the map above pan to that region.

List and link to all 2651 sims which have been scanned.

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